Swim Class Descriptions

Suburban groups children for swim lessons by age and ability to create the best possible teaching and learning environment. Read through the descriptions, or better yet, call and speak with a member of our Aquatics Staff and they will be happy to assist you in placing your child in the appropriate class.


(Adult & Child)
This introductory class is about water adjustment and getting the children use to being in a water environment. A responsible adult accompanies the child into the water during the class. The class is about having fun as the children begin to experience and learn how they move in the water. Basic swim skills are introduced such as kicking, blowing bubbles, floating on their front and back. Water safety is also a major objective.

Sea Pony:

(Level 1)
Children are introduced to proper kicking and body position. Water adjustment is still a focus as children work on being able to put their face in the water and blow bubbles. Developing a flutter kick while using a barbell and kicking on their front and back are points of emphasis. Jumping into the pool assisted and unassisted are also worked on. Water safety and proper entries and exits from the pool are stressed in each class.

Sea Horse:

(Level 2)
The start of stroke development begins at this level as the children are introduced to rotary breathing, front and back floating, as well as front and back streamlining. Children start to work on the beginnings of the Front Crawl (freestyle) and the Backstroke. Water safety continues to be stressed.


(Level 3)
Here stroke development really starts to get going. Front and Backcrawl are emphasized through a series of drills and stroke development exercises with the child’s goal of swimming 15-20 yards independently. Surface and kneeling dives are also introduced.


(Level 4)
Stroke development continues as well as beginning to build endurance while swimming the Front Crawl (freestyle) and Backstroke. Proper body position for the Breaststroke and the Breaststroke kick are introduced. Also, the children start working on developing the dolphin kick. Standing dives and treading water are also taught. This is a 45 minute class.


(Level 5)
Continued endurance building and stroke refinement are worked on at this level. Children work on
expanding their swimming out to 50 yards while using the Front Crawl, Back Crawl, and Breaststroke.
Drills for developing a flip turn are introduced and continued work on developing a dolphin kick. More
time is also spent of standing dives. As always water safety is a point of emphasis. This is a 45 minute


For children who are interested in joining a swim team, this is an introductory class to prepare them for the demands of competitive swimming. Instruction follows many of the same workouts used in swim team practices with emphasis on refining stroke techniques for the competitive swimmer. Starts and turns are also introduced and developed. This is a 45 minute class.

Adult Lesson Class

(age 17+ years)
For the adult who never learned to swim as a child or for the adult who wants to improve their swim strokes, this is the class for you. We will tailor the class to fit your needs and help you achieve your goal. Proper breathing and technique for the Front Crawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke are the main areas emphasized.